Suspension of Membership of Paul Quill


ARITA is aware of the serious allegations in court proceedings against Mr Paul Quill. Mr Quill sought to have his ARITA Professional Membership cancelled on 17 April 2022. As a result of a current and ongoing investigation into Mr Quill’s professional conduct, ARITA’s Board has declined to accept that resignation at this time.

The ARITA Board has had a long term belief in the approach that was advocated by the Hayne Royal Commission in relation to the need for professional associations to ensure that members were held to account for allegations of breaches of professional standards and that the public had a right to know when there was a determination of any significant breach of those standards so that they could make informed decisions about working with those individuals in the future. Indeed, ARITA’s Constitution is set up to ensure that the Board has the power to do this.

ARITA is also aware that the matter has been reported to police.

In this instance and given the serious nature of the allegations, the ARITA Board has also suspended Mr Quill’s membership and decided to publish this statement.

ARITA acknowledges Deloitte for having disclosed these matters to ARITA prior to it becoming public and notes their stated intention to reimburse any affected clients