Our small and energetic team has a wide range of professional and association expertise and many years of diverse experience.
Meet our team:

Policy & Education Director

Kim Arnold RITF assists with technical issues, writing submissions and liaising with legislators.  Kim is also responsible for the planning and development of ARITA's education program. Kim was awarded the ARITA President's Award in 2015.
Kim works Monday - Thursday. Technical queries should be directed to the Specialist Team via Ask ARITA  (Professional and Associate Members only).

Operations Director 

Raquel Bortoletto works closely with the Head of Marketing, Policy and Education Director and Education and Events Teams to coordinate and ensure the smooth running of ARITA's events and training offerings. Raquel was awarded the ARITA President's Award in 2020.


Jack Butchart is in charge of creating ARITA’s videos, through directing subject matter experts and editing together tutorials, as well as many other types of films.

Membership Manager

Kate Contreras is responsible for managing the national membership, including ongoing adminstration and renewals to new business developments.
Kate works Monday - Thursday.

Technical & Standards Director 

Narelle Ferrier RITF is responsible for overseeing compliance with ARITA's professional standards, assisting with technical issues, formulating submissions and liaising with legislators and regulators.
Narelle works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Technical queries should be directed to the Specialist Team via Ask ARITA  (Professional and Associate Members only.)

Publications and Communications Manager

Richard Garfield manages the writing and production of ARITA’s key publications and communication channels, including the quarterly journal, weekly e-newsletter, annual reports, case roundups, social media updates and parliamentary submissions.  

Events Producer

Rebecca Hadfield is responsible for the planning, organising, and executing of ARITA events. Ensuring that all aspects of the events meet ARITA's goals.
Rebecca works Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Financial Controller 

Mark Hartill is responsible for managing the functions of ARITA's finance operations including forecasting and budgeting, handling tax matters, plus preparing financial reports.

Legal & Academic Director 

Dr Lézelle Jacobs is responsible for contributing legal analysis and commentary and assisting with technical issues. Lézelle is also the course convenor for the ARITA Advanced Certification Program at the University of Technology Sydney where she is an associate professor.
Lézelle works in the ARITA office on Tuesdays and Fridays. Technical queries should be directed to the Specialist Team via Ask ARITA  (Professional and Associate Members only).

Graphic Designer & Marketing Coordinator 

Rebecca Katakouzinos is responsible for the graphic design and visual identity of ARITA. She also assists with content development and marketing program execution.

Board and Committee Coordinator 

Glennes Maio provides a wide range of administrative services and support for The Board and Committees.
Glennes works Monday - Wednesday.

Education Administrator 

Karen Martin helps with the administration, coordination and delivery of ARITA’s national education program and also looks after education-related customer support.

Office Manager 

Quynh Le is responsible for the day-to-day administrative functions of the business and managing the association's general activities. Le ensures uniformity of processes, practices and data integrity of our memberships, whist also providing website support. Le also handles all financial accounting transactions related functions. 

Events Producer

Catherine Render is involved in every aspect of ARITA's busy events calendar from the planning, coordination to delivery and customer service.
Catherine works Monday - Thursday.

Learning Manager

Areena Tamrakar works closely with the Director of Operations and the broader ARITA team members to research, write and prepare course materials and assessment for distance education in association with subject matter experts.

Chief Executive Officer

John Winter, as Chief Executive Officer, he is a member of ARITA Executive and is responsible for the execution of ARITA's strategic direction and the day to day running of the organisation.