ARITA Code of Professional Practice

The ARITA Code has been developed as the standard for professional conduct in the insolvency profession.

The primary purpose of the ARITA Code is to:

  • Set standards of conduct for Members which enable Stakeholders to have confidence in the professionalism, work and advice of Members.
  • Inform and educate Members as to the standards of conduct required of them in the discharge of their professional responsibilities, and
  • Provide a reference for stakeholders, Regulators and the Court against which they can gauge the conduct of ARITA Members.

Members should be guided, not merely by the words, but by the intention of the ARITA Code.

Current edition of the Code

The Fourth edition of the ARITA Code came into effect on 1 January 2020 and is available for download.

The structure of the ARITA Code has substantially changed in the Fourth edition. For an overview of the structure, purpose, application and interpretation of the ARITA Code, refer to the COPP: Introduction document.

Familiarise yourself with the 4th edition

A table cross referencing the Third and Fourth editions of the ARITA Code is available to assist members with the transition process.

Watch training videos on the Fourth edition by ARITA's Specialist Team.

Download the 4th edition of the Code

Download the Fourth edition of the Code including Practice Statements (zipped folder)

Download ARITA Code documents:

Download Practice Statements:

ARITA Members can download Code of Professional Practice (4th edition) templates in Microsoft Word format.

Previous versions of the Code

Previous versions of the Code and superseded professional guidance

ARITA Code updates

All the Code FAQs, Guidance Notes and news updates.