Bankruptcy & personal insolvency

Information for people who have unmanageable debt.

Are you suffering from unmanageable debt? Bankruptcy can be a way to get relief from your debts.

The bankruptcy journey

This article takes you through the bankruptcy process step-by-step in plain English.

Alternatives to bankruptcy

A personal insolvency agreement is a legally binding agreement which can provide a flexible way to settle debts without becoming bankrupt.

A debt agreement provides low income debtors and their creditors with an informal and inexpensive alternative to bankruptcy.

Small business owners & bankruptcy

Do you own a small business that is in financial difficulty? If your company goes bust and you’ve given personal guarantees on your business loans, you may need to look at bankruptcy for yourself.

This fact sheet explains more

Beware of dodgy advisers!

It's not unusual for dodgy advisers to contact people who are in financial distress. Don't get sucked in.

Get help from a qualified expert

An ARITA Professional Member can provide the right advice and guidance around bankruptcy and personal insolvency. The first consultation is usually free.