Renew or subscribe to ARITA Precedents


It is time to renew subscriptions to ARITA's corporate and bankruptcy precedents. New subscriptions are also available.

Renewal letters are now being sent out to all current subscribers so make sure you look out for this. Please note that if you choose not to renew your subscription, in accordance with the licencing agreement, your right to access and use precedents ends on 31 August 2019.

If you’re interested in licensing the ARITA precedents, please complete the online registration form. We will then contact you regarding the licensing contract.

The annual subscription period for our precedent documents runs from 1 September - 31 August. Subscriptions are restricted to firms where at least 75% of the restructuring, insolvency and turnaround partners/principals are ARITA Professional Members. This ensures alignment of firms using these documents with the ARITA Code of Professional Practice. Additionally, subscribing firms must conduct formal insolvency appointments. .


Corporate precedents: Creditors' voluntary liquidation,  court liquidation, members' voluntary liquidation, voluntary administration, deed of company arrangement and receivership statutory precedents (letters and forms), checklists and compliance documentation.

Bankruptcy precedents: Bankruptcy and statutory precedents, checklists and compliance documentation.

Both sets of precedents are maintained on an ongoing basis to ensure currency.

On renewal, additional content will be made available to subscribers for the 2019/20 year:

Corporate precedents

  • Bolt on checklists for:
    • Trading on
    • Sale of Business
    • Employees
    • Investigations, and
    • Assets.

Bankruptcy Precedents

  • Part X checklist and documents

Licensing fees

Pricing schedule for our corporate precedents:

Firm size*

Annual license fee ex. GST

1-2 partners


3-5 partners


6-10 partners


11+ partners



Pricing schedule for our bankruptcy precedents:

Firm size*

Annual license fee ex. GST

1-2 partners


3-5 partners


6-10 partners


11+ partners



* ‘Partner’ refers to partners (both equity and non-equity) in the insolvency practice of the firm and would include similar proxy titles, including 'principal'.

As part of the annual licensing subscription, ARITA will continue to update and improve the precedent documents. Non-renewal of the annual licensing fee would require you to cease using the ARITA precedent documents.


Please contact [email protected] with any questions.