Submission: Modernising Business Communication


ARITA has made a submission in response to the Treasury's December 2020 discussion paper on Modernising Business Communication: Improving the Technology Neutrality of Treasury Portfolio Laws.
Whilst ARITA recognises the progress made in respect of communications and meetings for external administrations, we made a number of suggestions where further improvements could be made:
  • ASIC forms - providing smart forms as a minimum, allowing for lodgement of electronic signatures and pre-population of forms for information already held by ASIC.
  • Company searches - making company searches free to liquidators.
  • Signatures - adoption of an overarching principal allowing for electronic signatures.
  • Record keeping - allowing for all external administration books and records to be retained electronically.
  • Proposals without meetings - fixing proposals without meetings so that they can be used in external administrations for all matters.
  • Fixing issues with electronic communications - recognising the liquidator's place of business for communications and place of meeting purposes.
  • Access to company books and records - ensuring a liquidator's rights to access a company's books and records held electronically.

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Treasury's consultation: Modernising Business Communication