Submission: Review of Safe Harbour


To support the review of the insolvent trading safe harbour provisions, Treasury released a consultation paper to seek feedback from stakeholders.

ARITA made a comprehensive submission following a survey of members to obtain their views on a range of issues relating to the safe harbour provisions.

Some of the key points included in the submission from the data gathered as a result of the survey include:

  • We believe that the safe harbour provisions are being used with some success.
  • Insolvent trading laws have little impact on director behaviour, particularly at the SME level. However, for those that do engage a safe harbour adviser, it provides confidence to continue to trade in an attempt to achieve a better outcome.
  • The availability of safe harbour makes a difference to directors of larger companies.
  • The safe harbour regime is not being abused by directors.
  • The pre-conditions to accessing safe harbour are what prevents it being used for illegal phoenix activity and stops inappropriate and unviable candidates for restructuring continuing to trade.
  • There is a lack of certainty around key terms such as 'appropriately qualified entity'.
  • There is a lack of awareness of safe harbour.
  • The biggest issues facing businesses that are looking to restructure are a lack of money and resources, or leaving it too late.

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