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 ARITA welcomes new Platinum National Partner: Frontline Accounting (9/02/2024) 
 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Paul Leroy (6/02/2024) 
 Bruce Carter AO recognised in Australia Day Honours list (31/01/2024) 
 Submission: Pre-budget submission 2024-25 (23/01/2024) 
 Submission: Government response to PPSA Whittaker review (22/01/2024) 
 December 2023 Quarterly Round-up now available (17/01/2024) 
 ARITA notes criminal charges against former member Peter Amos (20/12/2023) 
 Case: Court clarifies when leave will be granted to commence proceedings against a company (11/12/2023) 
 John Melluish awarded Life Membership of ARITA (5/12/2023) 
 ARITA Journal vol 35 #4: The impact of directors’ duties on IPs (5/12/2023) 
 Submission: ASIC Insolvent trading RG 217 (30/10/2023) 
 Submission: Small Business Redundancy (20/10/2023) 
 ARITA awards Life Membership to Alan Scott (17/10/2023) 
 ARITA Journal vol 35 #3: Bringing a national icon back to life (18/09/2023) 
 Submission: Structural Challenges in the Consultancy Industry (7/09/2023) 
 Updating preferences in new email system (5/09/2023) 
 Submission: Personal Insolvency Consultation (4/09/2023) 
 Migration to new email system (25/08/2023) 
 Submission: Corporations Act unfreezing the Acts Interpretation Act & definitional changes (14/08/2023) 
 Submission update: ASIC IFM review (14/08/2023) 
 ARITA inducts four new Life Members (3/08/2023) 
 Case: Court finds that AAT cannot set aside IG’s decision not to review income assessment (24/07/2023) 
 Submission update: PJC inquiry into Corporate Insolvency in Australia - Report findings (14/07/2023) 
 Media release: Inquiry into Corporate Insolvency report opens door for major improvements (12/07/2023) 
 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Richard Auricht (12/07/2023) 
 Four Corners investigation shows need for regulators to prosecute dodgy liquidators (28/06/2023) 
 ARITA Journal vol 35 #02: Lessons on the transport sector in Australia (14/06/2023) 
 ARITA announces new 2023–2024 Board (13/06/2023) 
 New market trends report released (31/05/2023) 
 Revised reporting date for Parliamentary Joint Committee inquiry into corporate insolvency (30/05/2023) 
 ARITA Young Professionals Committees EOI (1/05/2023) 
 ARITA makes key contribution to national personal insolvency roundtable (27/03/2023) 
 ARITA Journal vol 35 01: The question of independence (22/03/2023) 
 Simplified insolvency process for SMEs a top priority: Podcast (14/03/2023) 
 ARITA's further submission to PJC insolvency inquiry now available (6/03/2023) 
 ARITA makes additional submission to parliamentary inquiry into corporate insolvency (14/02/2023) 
 ARITA welcomes AG's bankruptcy roundtable announcement (3/02/2023) 
 ARITA welcomes new legal director (17/01/2023) 
 ARITA addresses Parliamentary Joint Committee hearing on corporate insolvency reform (12/01/2023) 
 ARITA makes submission to parliamentary inquiry into corporate insolvency in Australia (7/12/2022) 
 ARITA Journal Vol 34 #04: Making the right strategic choices (5/12/2022) 
 Submissions update: Modernising Business Communications and Other Measures (24/11/2022) 
 Vale David Blackwell, OAM (15/11/2022) 
 Submission: ASIC IFM Review (27/10/2022) 
 Submission: Exemptions for litigation funding schemes (30/09/2022) 
 Media Release: Insolvency Profession Welcomes Announcement of Essential Review of Insolvency Laws (28/09/2022) 
 Submission: Rationalisation of Ending ASIC Instrument Measures (26/09/2022) 
 ARITA Journal Volume 34 #03 // 2022 Digital assets, cryptocurrency, investigations & cybersecurity (1/09/2022) 
 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Peter Amos (23/08/2022) 
 Personal bankruptcy and liquidation of a company guidance document (10/08/2022) 
 Submissions: Government announces review of ASIC IFM (9/08/2022) 
 Insolvency numbers return to pre-COVID levels (9/08/2022) 
 Submission: ASIC CRIS 2021-22 (28/07/2022) 
 ARITA Journal Volume 34 #02 // 2022 celebrates Paul Cook (18/07/2022) 
 Termination of ARITA Membership Mr Stephen Hathway (27/06/2022) 
 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Paul Quill (27/06/2022) 
 AFSA reports progress on promoting diversity in the insolvency profession (20/06/2022) 
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting 29 March 2022 (14/06/2022) 
 ARITA Life Member Robyn Erskine recognised with AM in the Queen's Birthday Honour List (14/06/2022) 
 2022 ARITA Member Survey Prize Draw Winner (7/06/2022) 
 Submission: APRA Strengthening crisis preparedness (9/05/2022) 
 News: Suspension of Membership of Paul Quill (21/04/2022) 
 ARITA Journal: The changing face of law reform in Australia (29/03/2022) 
 Submission: Review of the Insolvent Trading Safe Harbour: Report & Government Response (24/03/2022) 
 News: Complete the FRAA survey on ASIC performance (28/02/2022) 
 Submission: Bankruptcy system options paper (25/02/2022) 
 Submission: ALRC's Review of legislative framework for corporations and financial services (25/02/2022) 
 Draft submission: Reforms to the Bankruptcy system, including 1-year bankruptcy FOR MEMBER FEEDBACK (14/02/2022) 
 Submission: Modernising Registry Fees (31/01/2022) 
 Submission: 2022-23 Pre-Budget Submission (31/01/2022) 
 Submission: Extension of AAT power to pause or modify ATO debt recovery (31/01/2022) 
 Submission: Possible reforms to the Bankruptcy system, including one-year bankruptcy (28/01/2022) 
 News: FEG Verification Services Panel 2022 - request for tenders (13/01/2022) 
 Submission: Improving the technology neutrality of Treasury portfolio laws repealing s 600G (20/12/2021) 
 Submission: Miscellaneous amendments to Treasury portfolio laws 2022 (16/12/2021) 
 Submission update: Clarifying the treatment of trusts under insolvency law (13/12/2021) 
 Submission update: Consequential amendments to small business insolvency reforms now in effect (8/12/2021) 
 ARITA Journal: Take your career to the next level (30/11/2021) 
 Practice Alert: ASIC releases CRIS for 2020/21 (17/11/2021) 
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting 20 October 2021 (9/11/2021) 
 Submission update: Further consequential amendments to small business insolvency reforms (4/11/2021) 
 Submission: Insolvent trusts Town Hall discussion paper (3/11/2021) 
 Submission: Clarifying the treatment of trusts under insolvency law (15/10/2021) 
 Submission: Review of Safe Harbour (5/10/2021) 
 Submission: Improving schemes of arrangement to better support business (20/09/2021) 
 ARITA Journal: Risk management in 2021 (17/09/2021) 
 Submission: ARITA submission on Litigation Funding Schemes: Guidance and Relief (20/08/2021) 
 Vale William 'Bill' Hamilton (18/08/2021) 
 Submission: ASIC CRIS 2020–21 (16/08/2021) 
 Submission update: Schemes - ARITA member consultation (11/08/2021) 
 Submission: Improving schemes of arrangement to better support businesses (3/08/2021) 
 Vale Tony Douglas-Brown (23/07/2021) 
 Submission update: ALRC review of legislative framework background paper (14/07/2021) 
 Professional Conduct Committee determination (12/07/2021) 
 Submission update: Consequential amendments to small business insolvency reforms (29/06/2021) 
 Submission: ALRC review of the legislative framework for corporations regulation (28/06/2021) 
 ARITA Journal: 8 things you should know about small business restructuring (21/06/2021) 
 Scott Atkins is new INSOL President (15/06/2021) 
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting – 21 April 2021 (7/06/2021) 
 New 2021–2022 ARITA Board (26/05/2021) 
 Grays become a 2021 Platinum National Partner (25/05/2021) 
 Introducing our new Diamond National Partner (12/05/2021) 
 Submission: Consequential amendments to small business insolvency reforms (6/05/2021) 
 Submission: ASIC's performance against Regulator Performance Framework 2019/20 (3/05/2021) 
 Submission: Consequential amendments to small business insolvency reforms (26/04/2021) 
 Credit manager's guide to the small business insolvency reforms (1/04/2021) 
 Directors' duties in uncertain financial times – Updated guidance (1/04/2021) 
 Termination of Membership - Mr Peter Macks (29/03/2021) 
 ARITA Journal: Digital transformation in insolvency & restructuring (23/03/2021) 
 NSW/ACT Committee Nominees 2021/2022 (16/03/2021) 
 Vic/Tas Committee Nominees 2021/2022 (8/03/2021) 
 SA/NT Committee Nominees 2021/2022 (26/02/2021) 
 Submission: Increasing the statutory demand threshold (26/02/2021) 
 Submission: Modernising Business Communication (26/02/2021) 
 WA Committee Nominees 2021/2022 (24/02/2021) 
 Submission: The bankruptcy system and the impacts of coronavirus (16/02/2021) 
 Submission: Licensing debt management firms (16/02/2021) 
 New information sheets to support small business insolvency reforms (5/02/2021) 
 2024 ARITA Divisional AGMs & call for nominations (3/02/2021) 
 2021 ARITA Divisional AGMs & call for nominations (3/02/2021) 
 Submission: Bankruptcy Regulations 2021 (19/01/2021) 
 Submission: AG consultation on personal insolvency reforms (15/01/2021) 
 ARITA Insolvency Law Reform Training and Precedents update (5/01/2021) 
 Submission: Feedback on draft Bankruptcy Regulations 2021 (8/12/2020) 
 ARITA Journal: How to chart your firm's course in uncertain times (27/11/2020) 
 Vale Nick Malanos (25/11/2020) 
 Submission: Insolvency reforms to support small business subordinate legislation (25/11/2020) 
 Submission update: Small business insolvency reforms subordinate legislation released (17/11/2020) 
 Submission update: Small business insolvency reforms - Bill tabled (13/11/2020) 
 Submission: Virtual meetings & electronic document execution (30/10/2020) 
 Submission Update: Amendments to regulations on operation of litigation funding preserve insolvency (30/10/2020) 
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting 27 October 2020 (28/10/2020) 
 Submission: Insolvency reforms to support small business (13/10/2020) 
 Small business insolvency reforms – Recognising the expertise of Registered Liquidators (7/10/2020) 
 Media Release: ARITA welcomes Govt's proposed reforms – but careful review still required (24/09/2020) 
 Termination of ARITA Membership - Mr Steven Naidenov (22/09/2020) 
 ARITA Journal: Bankruptcy in focus (10/09/2020) 
 Submission update: ALRC corporate criminal responsibility final report (31/08/2020) 
 Reprimand issued following determination by ASIC Disciplinary Committee (19/08/2020) 
 Submission update: ASBFEO Insolvency Practices Inquiry (28/07/2020) 
 Submission: ASIC CRIS 2019/2020 (7/07/2020) 
 ARITA members COVID-19 issues - second survey (June 2020) (7/07/2020) 
 Attention Qld IPs: Queensland Small Business COVID-19 Adaption Grant Program (1/07/2020) 
 Termination of ARITA membership - Ms Amanda Young (22/06/2020) 
 Submission Update: MBR laws to implement DIN pass through Parliament (16/06/2020) 
 Submission: Litigation funding and the regulation of the class action industry inquiry (15/06/2020) 
 ARITA response to ASBFEO COVID-19 Recovery Plan (3/06/2020) 
 Survey highlights COVID-19 challenges for the insolvency profession (1/05/2020) 
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting 1 April 2020 (28/04/2020) 
 ARITA successfully contests access to conduct files (27/04/2020) 
 2020 Macquarie Bank Insolvency industry pulse check (21/04/2020) 
 Vale Ross Duus - former ARITA President & Life Member (21/04/2020) 
 Email account hacked: Please don't open emails purporting to be from 'Arita Admin' (21/04/2020) 
 6 things you can do for your mental health when facing financial distress (2/04/2020) 
 Attention Qld IPs: Qld Government COVID-19 factsheet on business support initiatives (27/03/2020) 
 Guidance for lawyers: Helping clients with companies in financial distress (26/03/2020) 
 ARITA Journal: Creditor activism, the ILRA & unintended consequences (25/03/2020) 
 Directors' duties in uncertain financial times (24/03/2020) 
 UPDATED: Guidance for accountants in public practice re clients with companies in financial distress (24/03/2020) 
 Guidance for accountants in public practice: Helping clients with companies in financial distress (20/03/2020) 
 COVID-19: ARITA event cancellations update (19/03/2020) 
 8 essential steps if your business is in distress (16/03/2020) 
 Submission: ARITA submission on s 444GA consultation paper (9/03/2020) 
 ARITA / AFSA / ASIC Liaison Meeting 10 December 2019 (15/02/2020) 
 Submission Update: Bills to introduce DINs and modernise business registers pass House (13/02/2020) 
 Submission: ARITA submission to ALRC corporate criminal responsibility discussion paper (12/02/2020) 
 UPDATE: Combating illegal phoenixing bill passed (6/02/2020) 
 Practice Alert: Recent insolvency research papers (31/01/2020) 
 Vale Trish Talty (29/01/2020) 
 Submission: ASBFEO Insolvency Practices Inquiry (28/01/2020) 
 Trish Talty memorial - Wednesday 4 March (24/01/2020) 
 ARITA SA/NT Division 2020 AGM (24/01/2020) 
 ARITA Qld Division 2020 AGM (24/01/2020) 
 ARITA NSW/ACT Division 2020 AGM (24/01/2020) 
 ARITA WA Division 2020 AGM (24/01/2020) 
 ASBFEO insolvency inquiry highlights need for ARITA own Financial Recovery Law Reform Commission (19/12/2019) 
 Further update on ASBFEO Insolvency Inquiry (18/12/2019) 
 Court inquiry into liquidator's conduct (16/12/2019) 
 ARITA Journal: Leading business coach Jack Crumlin reveals how to identify & nurture top talent. (15/12/2019) 
 Reprimands issued for remuneration reporting deficiencies (13/12/2019) 
 Submission Update: Bills to modernise Australia's business registers back before Parliament (12/12/2019) 
 ARITA Journal: Introducing the fourth edition of the ARITA Code (9/12/2019) 
 Carnell/ASBFEO insolvency inquiry update (5/12/2019) 
 Submission Update: Modernising Business Registers Business Advisory Group (2/12/2019) 
 Anti-Phoenix Bill passes House of Reps (27/11/2019) 
 Media reports of reviewing bankruptcy thresholds (22/11/2019) 
 Code 4th edition training videos (18/11/2019) 
 Submission Update: ALRC paper on Corporate Criminal Responsibility includes illegal phoenixing (18/11/2019) 
 Automatic termination of ARITA Membership: Mr David Iannuzzi (9/11/2019) 
 Suspension of ARITA Membership - Mr David Iannuzzi (8/11/2019) 
 Insolvency lawyers needed for Victorian Legal Services Board panel (24/10/2019) 
 ARITA SA/NT October Division meeting (15/10/2019) 
 ARITA Vic/Tas October Division meeting (15/10/2019) 
 Media statement: Disappointment at another insolvency inquiry that misses the real issues (10/10/2019) 
 Expressions of Interest: ARITA Technical Working Group (2/10/2019) 
 Lecture to celebrate 25 years of cross border insolvency law reform (27/09/2019) 
 ARITA Journal: The vexed issue of external administrators' independence (18/09/2019) 
 2019 National Conference wrap (10/09/2019) 
 Solvent windings up aren't that straightforward (3/09/2019) 
 Overhaul of ARITA CPE requirements to support diversity (2/09/2019)